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Here's a question for discussion.

Do some scorpio traits tend to overshadow the sag ones (or visa versa) or do you find the dominate trait to change depending on the other factors (moon, other aspects, situation, etc.)?
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I find that I'm predominantly a scorpio in social settings, but saggitarius takes over when I'm alone.
I am the opposit. I guess that is the difference between 21 and 25.

Just out of curiosity. What is your rising?


December 4 2006, 18:33:52 UTC 10 years ago

My rising sign is Leo.
Errr yeah, that was me.
Well, it depends on what time you were born. I am on the Scorp/Sag cusp, but I fell within the Scorpio side, so therefore, Scorpio is predominant with me.
I find that I am outwardly more like a Sag (I have Merc. in Sag in my 2nd House). But my internal thought processes & moodiness is more like a Scorp. I have Scorpio rising with both Venus & Jupiter in Scorpio, and Sun at 0* Sag. Plus, I have Moon conj. Pluto. Although they are in Virgo, they feel more Scorpionic. I am constantly experiencing some sort of psychological growth spurt. And I am often depressed because of the emotional experiences that I feel at the core of myself. Luckily I can utilize that Sag. Merc. to verbalize most of it, with ease. But sometimes I don't want to share some of the things I go through with even my closest friends. In that way, maybe I am more Sag-like, opening up to people I care about & whom I trust. Scorpios I know tend to be more guarded.